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Thank you for visiting Vital Ethics Inc. We provide basic life support (CPR/First Aid) and professional advanced life support certification programs. Our initial and refresher certification courses are available on a weekly basis with registration and class schedule available by visiting our calendar link in the right column. You may register for training online or by phone. All classes on the calendar are open for registration and do not remain on the schedule once they are full.

Course materials, pretests, and video tutorials are made available online to registered students.  If you are interested in private training on site at your facility or would like to come as a group to our location, please contact us for an estimate (discounts may apply). Our website is currently under construction and will be undergoing changes on a daily basis while remaining functional for customers. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Practice makes perfect! Especially when it comes to rhythm recognition. Take a run at it and see how much you remember. You certainly can’t treat it if you can’t recognize it…


For the victim of cardiac arrest, keep those chest compressions FAST, HARD, and with MINIMAL interruptions. This  vital BLS skill is going to make all the difference in the world along with “EARLY” defibrillation. “Early” means within 3-5 minutes, which is the first phase or the “electrical phase” of CPR and the best opportunity for effective defibrillation. When chest compressions are poor or absent, the chances of survival are poor. Do you remember the four links in the cardiac chain of survival????


A special thanks to our Dutch friends from Acaciaplein, a physical therapy clinic, because not only safety is important, but also posture and ergonomics during the training. During our classes and training, we keep on eye on how to use your lower back during different positions.














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