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Dragging Your Feet on the NREMT Basic Exam?

4 September 2009 No Comment


Well my wife is gearing up to take her national registry EMT exam at the beginning of September 2009. She actually finished her EMT basic program in the fall semester of 2008 and is just now getting to the exam. It is actually quite common that students finish the program and do not actually take that test for quite some time if at all. Another friend of mine took the class but never did take the national registry and consequently never did become a certified EMT. I suppose it is not the end of the world. She’s an RN now doing quite well for herself.

I don’t advise completing an EMT certification course and not actually acquiring the certification. It is kind of a waste of time. The certification could come in handy even if you don’t use it right away. EMT programs range from 12 weeks to an entire semester depending on where you take the class. That’s a bit of time to be wasting on knowledge that you actually can’t use without the state issued certification card. In addition, the EMT certification (as basic as it is) is an actual verification of completing basic level training in emergency services. That’s something that can come in handy at your kid’s soccer game.

If you are an RN who also has a bit of experience as an EMT, you are more likely to be picked up by an ER than an RN who has been working in a clinic or in labor and delivery. Of course each department is a different animal and those who work in emergency care do so because that’s their thing. In any case, that good old EMT basic certification means that you understand the basics of emergency care. If you have actual work experience as an EMS provider, it will continue to be an asset to you in whatever branch of health care you decide to go in, if furthering your career is on the agenda.

It’s like learning the basics of math: fractions, decimals and percents. Sure you may go on to geometry and calculus, but those basics will always be of use. So if you have started down the EMT road and simply need to take the national registry exam……don’t lag. Just get it done.

By the way, we have a killer EMT study guide that can help you prepare for your exam, help you through EMT school or just tune you up if you are already an existing EMT. It is available as a digital download OR hard copy.

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