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How Much Money Do Occupational Therapist Make?

23 December 2009 No Comment


Careers in Occupational Therapy are one of the most in-demand in the US. Between 2009 and 2018, projections estimate that the demand for workers in this field tends to increase by a 26% or more. Salary is one of the big things that affect one’s decision what career oath to take. If you are thinking about getting occupational therapy as a college course, let this article shape your expectations on the possible earnings that you may have as an occupational therapist. Occupational Therapy Professionals work in hospitals, nursing facilities, private homes, and a minor percentage are engaged with private practices. They help patients in the exercise of their daily functions. They enhance the different aspects of an individual including mental, physical and emotional to help them overcome the disturbing effects disabling conditions may impact on them. The goal of every occupational therapist is to bring out maximal executions of useful functions of a person, despite some disabilities.

There are career possibilities in the field of Occupational Therapy. These include being an Occupational Therapist (OT), Occupational Therapist Assistant (OTA) and Occupational Therapist Aides (OT Aide). They also have different annual salary medians: OT’s have median annual salary amounting to $76,000, OTA’s have $42,060, and OT Aides receive $25,020. There are several industries hiring Occupational Therapists. The industry that pays the highest is the Home Health Care Services with an annual salary wage of $79,110. The employment services industry allows an average annual wage of $78,630. Other schools and institutions pay an annual wage of $75,260, nursing care facilities give an annual wage of $73,200 and Offices of Physicians give an annual wage of $71,840.    States also differ among their dictated salaries for OT Professionals. California hired the most occupational therapists in 2008 with 7,440 employment statistics and also is the highest paying state with an average hourly wage of $ 38.86.

Salary ranges differ from newly graduates, degreed, part-time, full-time and seasoned veterans. As can be expected, newly graduates receive lower due to lack of experience. Newly graduates receive an annual income of less than $42, 820. Newly graduates often start out as assistants and are usually offered full-time positions with an hourly wage of around $30. Degreed or those who have certifications from the state earn a little higher than the newly graduates. Full-time positions have a mean annual salary of $66,780. Among the group, seasoned veterans get the highest salary and that amounts to an annual average of at least $98,310. To be an Occupational Therapist, the state requires individuals to take the certification exam in addition to a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. States may differ in their qualifying exams and so it is advisable to contact the proper authorities of the state where you are to know the rules that they have.

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