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Personal Trainer Insurance: Why it is Important

25 October 2009 One Comment


One thing many people do not consider before they pursue a career as a personal trainer is the importance of insurance. Do you know what can happen if you do not carry insurance? You could be working with a client and you could be instructing him to do push ups, if he has a stroke or a heart attack you can be sued! Even if it is absolutely not your fault in any way you can still be held liable. This is why insurance is so important. These days even a person falls and breaks their legs due to their own clumsiness they can potentially make a successful claim against you. Many gyms will not even allow you to work there unless you can prove that you have liability insurance coverage. Obtaining liability insurance will prevent you from being sued if a client is injured when working with you. Believe it or not, you do not even have to be present when an injury occurs in order to be held liable.

If you have a client on a fitness program where he is instructed to do x amount of chin ups a day, and the client becomes injured due to that, you can be sued. It is a sad world we live in some times but I am sure you can now see why insurance is so important. Many injuries do happen when it comes to working out, and it does not matter if it is really your fault or not in a lot of cases. If you are covered by insurance, you do not even have to appear in court should a claim be filed. The insurance company is obligated to cover all of the legal fees and represent you at no further cost. If you were not covered and a claim was filed, you would have to pay for your lawyers and all your court fees yourself. This could easily end up being thousands and thousands of dollars by the time the issue was resolved. The type of insurance offers available to you vary greatly. Some policies will allow 2 million dollars worth of coverage for 350 a year.

You may find cheaper policies and you may find more expensive ones. Much of it depends on how much insurance you want. You can cheap out and get a policy that only covers a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of coverage, but if that is not enough to cover the damages awarded to the client you will have to pay the remainder by yourself. Additionally, there are programs that will only cover certain types of damages and other programs that will cover any type of damage. Choosing the right insurance is something only you can decide, but at least you understand how important it is.

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