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Best Personal Trainer Certification Programs

26 October 2009 No Comment


Today, people are more concerned with their weight and physical health more and more. Often though those trying to achieve physical fitness will feel that they are lost or are doing certain exercises and not seeing any kind reward for all of the hard work that they do. That is where personal trainers come in. Certified personal trainers make the task of living a healthier lifestyle an easy one.

What does a person have to do in order to become a personal trainer? Being certified is one of best steps you can go take when you make the decision to work as a personal trainer. Being an outgoing and outspoken are also good traits of a personal trainer. Gyms and health care facilities want someone that is going to keep his/her clients motivated and excited to return to the gym. While it seems that being a personal trainer would just be working out with weights and on machines all day, it really is much different than that.

Getting certified as a personal trainer will help teach about nutrition, different types of exercise as well as strength training in and out of the gym. You will also be taught about the muscular system and its functions as well as how to work with those clients that may need a little extra care or those with certain disabilities. Gyms, spas and health care facilities are much more likely to hire someone as a personal trainer if they are certified. They want the assurance that the person that is representing the facility to be knowledgeable as well as professional.

The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America have workshops that teach aspiring personal trainers everything that they need to know. When you leave the training you walk out a certified personal trainer. The American Council on Exercise also has a personal trainer certification program. It also teaches everything from risk factor screening to nutrition as well as exercise science. Lastly the National Federation of Fitness Trainers also offers certification for personal trainers. For those that would rather learn in their home, they have an in home study method as well as a distance learning training method. They also offer free study materials as well as free continuing education. For those that are asking if one method of training is better than the other, the answer would have to be, it depends on how you, the individual feels about learning online as opposed to learning with other people present and if you feel that you could learn from others easily. The cost involved in “classroom” training opposed to online training, may be a factor as well when determining how you decide to become certified in personal training.

The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America usually meets in larger metropolitan areas for a several days long certification training class. The cost is usually 99.00 a day. The American Council on Exercise charges 249.00 for the certification exam, but it can be taken online and has a lot of study materials that are included with it and on their web-site for free.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers some of the most extensive training and certification levels. The prices range from 549.00 for just the certification exam (if you received your training form them or elsewhere and you only need to take the certification test) up to 799.00 for a “premier” package that includes, textbooks, DVDs, as well as access to a live workshops and the certification test.

More and more people are finding that the convenience of online learning is the way to go. They have access to professionals working in the field that they want to enter in to and they can often do it at their own pace on their own time. Once you have become certified, continuing education classes are available and personal trainers are often encouraged, if not required by employers. Becoming a certified personal trainer is a decision that can be beneficial not only to your clients, but to you as well.

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