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Personal Trainer Careers: Credit Checks

26 October 2009 One Comment


You’ve worked hard on your own training, keeping your body in the best shape possible. You want to be a personal trainer, so you need to “look the Part”. You’ve also spent countless hours educating yourself in the field, and you’ve earned your certifications. Your dream is just about reality as you ace the interview, until, that is; your future employer tells you that the last thing they need to do is run your credit history. “What?” you say, “my credit history, what does that have to do with being a fitness trainer?”. It seems ridiculous, yet now more than 40% of hiring companies are demanding it before offering jobs to new applicant.

To understand where this fairly new practice comes in, one needs to look into the reasoning, which isn’t really too far fetched; such an unfair demand in these tough economic times has allowed employers to be “picky”. What else influences companies to run credit checks on future employees? Its cheap. In the age of internet and on demand services, a personal credit check can be had for less than twenty dollars; and, you just might consent to it in your employment contract. So watch what you sign. What would be a companies ultimate reasoning in demanding a pre-employment credit report? Better credit and a higher credit score usually signifies a persons level of personal responsibility. Many people, American economists included, believe that demanding an excellent credit score will only propel the unemployment rate into higher numbers than ever before. Afterall, a low credit score might just keep you permanently unemployed. Got a bankruptcy and several late pays? Well, your company of choice might not want to take a chance on you. Their reasoning? “if he’s late with his bills, will he be late to his shift or miss more days of work too?”.

What to do? Take care of your credit, since you never know what or when employers will ask to see it. If your credit is already in shambles? You can speak with a credit counselor about how you can improve your score. Beyond the obvious, check with employers whether they will want to check your credit before you are offered your dream job. If your credit is bad, and your favorite gym demands to see your credit profile? Ask if you can explain the circumstances. Hopefully you can tell them that you are a responsible employee with great skills, yet you had previously had come into some difficult financial times. Coming clean with your future credit checking employer about your credit report might just be all it takes in order to land the perfect personal trainer career.

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