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Why Personal Trainers Need CPR/AED Training

4 September 2009 One Comment


Ok this is kind of a no brainer…..However, because there is a question we may as well address it with an answer. First I want to make clear that fitness trainers are not emergency care professionals, neither are they expected to be. But, because they are “fitness” professionals and deal with the health and fitness of clients they are in line for emergencies. Emergencies often lay hidden within a person until put under a bit of pressure. For example, a man may suffer from coronary artery disease and feel chest pressure and shortness of breath only on exertion.

He may not even realize these symptoms are serious, and the problem may not come to light until he hits the treadmill at the local gym. Fitness complexes often see people who haven’t been physically active for years. Consequently, the new pressure that they experience may be too much for them to handle, causing an already existing condition to ignite.

The body does need a bit of pressure to make it stronger. There is no point of you going to the gym if you want to sit and watch the flat screen, or walk around the complex in your new sweats. If you are not there to work, then go home. In any case, there is a balance between the right amount of pressure and too much. Too much too fast will indeed cause problems.

Personal trainers need to be prepared not only for their clients who they are guiding through fitness regime, but those “members” who decide to take on the gym with no coaching. These are the ones that are most likely to find themselves in a bad situation if they push themselves too hard.

In reality, medical emergencies can happen to anyone, any place, at any time. But many times they are indeed predictable and preventable. The gym is a place where I would expect to find some emergencies every now and then. Personal trainers who are trained to recognize and respond to basic medical emergencies in the most efficient manner, are an effective way of minimizing the damage that medical emergencies can cause.

A personal trainer trained and CPR/AED certified who responds to a cardiac arrest in the facility, could very well be the reason that a guest survives and gets to go home to their family again. It is that important.

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