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ACLS & PALS Certification for Nurses

5 September 2009 No Comment


If you are a new nurse and looking for employment you may want to consider completing ACLS and PALS certification courses. Often this advanced level certification is required by hospital for employment, and having ACLS & PALS certification on your resume can improve your chances of employment. It is not uncommon that new nursing graduates face the challenge of being unable to rapidly acquire employment because of a lack of experience. Additional training and relevant certification will strengthen your presentation when approaching organizations for employment.

Understanding and meeting the hospitals (or desired organizations) requirements can help improve your chances in the competitive job market. There are different ACLS & PALS  programs available, and what individual organizations require can vary. It is best to know exactly where you want to be employed and do your homework to determine what you need to get in the door. It is important to understand that a hospital is indeed a place of business, and each organization often will have their own requirements for nurses seeking to become part of the health care team.

What works for a small string of clinics may not work for a state wide health care system. If you are a new nurse or even an experienced one, and you are looking for employment, make sure that your efforts are intelligently planned and that your application is an “exact match” to what the desired organization is looking for. If ACLS and PALS certification is part of the requirements for employment, be sure to find out if a “specific” certification is required.

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