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Basic Life Support Training for Massage Therapist

5 September 2009 No Comment


If you are considering a career as a massage therapist you will need to get your CPR/AED certification. The CPR/AED certification, (also called basic life support) is required by most states for massage therapists to acquire or maintain their credentials. Basic life support programs are designed to train students to respond to medical emergencies most appropriately at a basic level. They include training in CPR, using automated external defibrillators (AED’s) as well as recognition and management of heart attacks and strokes. The basics done correctly, are often the key to the success of advanced interventions done by emergency care health care professionals, including paramedics and emergency room personnel.

Massage therapist are involved in direct patient contact and can see many patients in a day. The professional massage therapist may work in conjunction with other health care professionals like chiropractors and physical therapists. Because most patients seeking care from such professionals are doing so consequent to some type of ailment, this naturally increases the possibility of encountering a medical emergency while in the workplace.

It’s important that massage therapists are CPR/AED certified and trained to respond so that the patient has the best chance of receiving appropriate basic level care. It would be unfortunate to have a certified therapist unclear on how to care for a visiting patient who is having chest pain or has collapsed in the lobby. This is where a little bit of training can go a long way.

Most states require that CPR/AED certification be maintained as long as the massage therapist is certified and in practice. With that being the case, it is a good idea to obtain certification that is valid for two years instead of only one. Often the two year certification is in the same price range as the one, but the card holder has a whole extra year before having to recertify.

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