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Career Options for Respiratory Therapist

15 December 2009 No Comment


Respiratory therapy is treatment for cardiopulmonary problems and breathing difficulties.  The respiratory therapists and  special technicians who deal with the respiratory problems work together in trying to find a cure for this illness along with treatments and monitoring of the patients. There are various equipments  available in order to find the patients lung capacity and the amount of oxygen present in the blood during the process of the respiratory therapy. The information received from the diagnose tests are used to perform the treatment plans for those who are undergoing this type of treatment. These treatment plans are performed by the respiratory therapists.

Due to the increase of  respiratory problems the demand for the respiratory therapists has increased widely. Many employment opportunities are not only found in hospitals and medical facility centers but many respiratory therapists are gaining popularly outside the hospital too. A certified respiratory therapist  has various carrier options that are available to them.  Patients who have breathing problems may have to consult with a respiratory therapist for treatment because there is a possibility of having a stroke or any type of premature infancy. They even have the risk of getting lung disease. The moisture content in the air  could be a possible factor in creating breathing problems. The respiratory therapist may instruct the patient to perform certain exercises and may treat the patient with advanced equipment that is now available.  If the patients follow the exercise correctly and with the treatment required then any type of respiratory problem can be overcome.

For the respiratory therapists the career opportunity is available even in the important department of the hospital that is the intensive care department. The respiratory therapist gives treatment to the patients who are in critical conditions and with breathing problems that are  kept in the ICU ward in a hospital. These respiratory therapists help the doctors and the nurses during the time of emergency and the surgery. Based on the work they do and the experience they acquire along with their performance level the respiratory therapist can easily get increment and promotion. The respiratory problem may be due to many reasons but finding the problem and clearing the problem is imperative. In the university levels, there are even master degrees available for the respiratory therapists. The career opportunities for the respiratory therapist are not only limited to employment in hospitals or medical facilities but they can excel by becoming a teacher in schools and universities.

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