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How Much Does a Radiology Technician Make?

11 December 2009 No Comment


A radiology technician, or a radiographer creates radiographs of various sections or parts of a patient’s body for use in diagnostics of injury or health related issues. A radiology technician will be responsible for preparation of the patient prior to the imaging, often telling the patient what needs to be done, how the procedure will take place and how long it may take. Also, a radiology technician may remove any metalic objects or possessions from a patient’s person, positioning them for the procedure itself, taking special care to ensure that the areas of the body not needing diagnosis are covered with lead Shields and other protective gear. What a radiology technician makes per year is by and large dependent on the experience of the radiologist, as well as the level of education achieved.

Employment outlooks on the whole for radiology technicians are very good, and continue to grow each year. More and more advancements in technology combine with an aging population providing both a need for better diagnostics, and more radiology technicians. Many hospitals find that this is one area where being understaffed is common, and this has become a position that is very much in demand. Skilled radiology technicians are in shortage in most hospitals and more private practices, nursing homes and ambulatory care centers are offering diagnostics, as well, increasing the demand for this field. As job growth continues to increase, this will be a career that offers many options for employment and advancement. Hospitals continue to be the number one employer of radiology technicians, but there has also been growth in private practices and other diagnostic clinics as well.

The pay scale for a radiology technician tends to vary from hospital to hospital, based on experience and education. However, it has been seen that at the lowest five percent of the pay range salaries are roughly thirty thousand dollars a year. At the highest five percent, it may be as much as ninety thousand dollars per year. The median pay is anywhere from forty two thousand, three hundred and ninety dollars a year, to fifty eight thousand dollars per year. With less than two years of experience most radiology technicians make nearly thirty seven thousand dollars annually, and senior technicians usually make that median income. Those who grow in their careers to program directors or heads of the department may make nearly sixty five thousand dollars annually.

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