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Does the American Red Cross Provide ACLS Training?


At this time the American Red Cross does not have an ACLS provider course. The two organizations that provide the ACLS provider course are the American Heart Association and the American Health and Safety Institute. There are also organizations that provide ACLS provider training online followed by a skills check off that is to be conducted by a local training center. The online programs work in conjunction with training centers that are approved by the sponsoring organization to verify the skills of students who have qualified by completed the online ACLS course.

The American Red Cross has long provided CPR/AED, first aid, babysitting, and disaster programs as part of the organizations health and safety and disaster services. The American Red Cross also provides other types of training programs ranging from HIV/AIDS awareness to canoeing depending on the region and chapter providing services. No matter where the location, ACLS is currently not a provided course.

If ACLS provider certification is on the agenda for you, program options will vary depending on your needs. If you are required by your employer to have the training, you would be wise to have your employer clarify what certification you need prior to taking a class. It is no longer enough to tell employees to take ACLS training without letting them know what certification is expected of them. In the past, the American Heart Association ACLS course was the only one that existed. Today, that is just simply not the case. This is also going to apply to students who are required to have the certification to meet academic program requirements.

If you are taking ACLS to improve your chances of employment in a competitive job market, then the choice is up to you. We encourage such students to take a course that has some “in class” time with an instructor and not an online only class. Although this may be OK for students that have had the training before, it is not recommended for students who have never had the course.

In any case, what works for one person may not work for another. You will have to weigh your options depending on your individual requirements.

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