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Company BLS and First Aid Training


So what is the point in having BLS training for your company or organization?  Well this is kind of a no brainer….Many companies are required by OSHA and/or state agencies to maintain records of safety training (including BLS) for their staff. CPR training is also known as basic life support (BLS) if you didn’t already know. When it comes to state and federal requirements, any program will not do. “Approved” programs are necessary in order to meet the requirements and maintain a standard. Anyone can print a CPR/AED or First Aid certificate on their home PC. It really isn’t that hard.

However, the purpose of having accredited training is so that you or your employees are not walking around clueless when a customer suffers a massive heart attack and goes into cardiac arrest in you lobby. Training helps people respond appropriately and in the most efficient manner. So as painful as is might be for you to have go through a class every couple of years (if you’re taking our class this is not the case),  it is better to have training based on current science than to take short cuts. Some of the top accredited organizations that provide basic life support training are the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and The American Safety and Health Institute.

There are a few reasons why this training is important:

1.There’s this “circumstance” in California called “Litigation” which can be a bit of a problem for companies when an accident occurs on the premises or job site. From an employer perspective, I think I would rather have staff that are “well trained” than have staff that have “well intentions” for the victim of injury or sudden illness. If well intentioned employees provide care that is wrong, inappropriate, and/or cause further harm to the victim, you can bet your bottom dollar your name will be on the suit as “defendant.” Training can make the difference in how your staff responds to emergencies in the works place. Training also clarifies where the good Samaritan laws provide protection from litigation and where they don’t.

2. Training benefits everyone, not just employees and customer. It spills down to the neighbors, their kids and the family pet. Emergencies are random, dynamic events that happen everyday. It is not that they might happen, they will happen. Training hosted by your organization could very well save someone’s life at the next family picnic, not necessarily on the job. Giving life saving skills to your employees is one of the most effective means of contributing to their development, and goes much further than a gift card for $20.00

3. Can you say “Tax Deductible”?  I am not an accountant, but I don’t really need to be to tell you that safety training is almost always a write off. Now how much of a write off will depend on what kind of safety training you receive and how many employees are trained. However, if is only $1000.00, it’s $1000.00 that’s going to the right place.

There are many different angles to look at company training from, and many reasons why safety training should be on the top of the list for your staff. If you are required to have CPR and/or first aid training you already know this and I am preaching to the choir. However, if you are exploring the possibility of safety training and have question please do give us a call.

Michael A. Morales EMT-Paramedic

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