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Personal Training Careers: The National Board of Fitness Examiners

26 October 2009 No Comment


Many people, in a world where obesity is such an overwhelming problem, are turning to the services of a fitness trainer. Because there is such a high demand for someone who can help these people lose weight and stay healthy, the job of fitness trainer has become a very popular career. This new found popularity has also made it very important that these professionals are properly trained. That is where the National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE) comes in.

The NBFE is a non-profit organization, whose main objective is to ensure that all fitness professionals have the proper training and skills to give the right advice to their clients. This is accomplished through assessing the personal trainer using standardized tests that have been created with the help of fitness industry professionals, who know what is needed for the fitness trainer to be successful and efficient at their job. In fact, these tests are geared specifically to ensure that everyone has the same level of skill or expertise as they get started in this industry.

Just recently several states have passed a bill, which requires that fitness trainers qualify for state licensing. As part of this new bill, states such as New Jersey, Maryland and Georgia are requiring or recommending certification with the NBFE as a part of the licensing procedure. Other states, who are thinking of adopting this licensing law, may also turn to the testing and certification offered by the NBFE.

The testing process is very important because it will mean that the general public will now know how trained their personal trainer really is. It will allow people to have a sense of safety and confidence that you have been properly trained and independently tested, and that you have the education and test scores to back you up. These tests ensure that everyone who is a fitness trainer has the same level of skills and knowledge that it takes to meet or exceed the guidelines set by their particular state. This also give clients a chance to confidently choose a personal trainer who is both competent and qualified to provide a high level of services to the newly health conscious.

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