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The Ultimate EMT Study Guide!



This study guide is HOT off the press. Designed to simplify pre-hospital care concepts, it is a must for any EMT student looking to stay on top of the game, as well as old school seasoned EMT's who want a concise yet complete reference!

Please, open it up and take a look inside...


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Table of Contents

Pages 16-20

Pages 33-37


Concise, easy to understand concepts

Supportive algorithms to reinforce EMT learning

A quick reference to all the core content of EMT school

Great to have along side of EMT skills stations


Going through EMT school, can be tough! As with any EMS program, there is SOOO much studying that needs to be done in a short time. This is the kind of EMT guide you want to look at before a test, when you are trying to make sense of so much content or when you want to review a subject and are tired of staring at the program text. The parachute EMT study guide provides a straight forward approach with an emphasis on the core content.



This is a great review tool for the experienced EMT as well. Lets face it, there are some calls you only run once in a life time, and experienced providers need a study tool that will be refresher from A to Z in a simple and concise format. To be prepared for that unexpected call, we must study to stay on top of our game. This study guide makes it easy and is a great refresher tool. All content is current and based on U.S. DOT/NHTSA approved EMT curriculum, definitely a win-win investment for both the newbie and the seasoned EMS professional.


Like the rest of the body, the mind needs supplements to perform at optimal levels. Just like a top level athlete preparing for an event, you want to give your mind the best coaching and learning material.



This guide breaks down and prioritizes the key principles of EMT studies helping the student memorize the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the foundation on which more advanced learning is built. Pre-hospital care is a very fast paced program, and in order to mentally digest all the content, you need a guide. You wouldn't take a difficult journey through rough terrain without a guide..... Don't take the difficult journey through EMT studies without this guide!



The Ultimate EMT Guide!




Parachute EMT Study Guide

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