Is a Career in Physical Therapy Worth It?

12 September 2009 No Comment

Recent high school graduates who are just starting out have to make a crucial decision as to what they want to accomplish in their life. People who are just starting out or not satisfied with their current job and even those who have been in the same career for some time and need a change, physical therapy might be a good option for you. Physical therapy is used to help prevent, relieve, or correct conditions that interfere with a person’s physical ability to function normally. Physical therapists work with patients for a variety of reasons. Many times a person has been injured in an accident and needs help regaining their strength and the ability to move around normally; in this case, a physical therapist would work with the patient using different techniques such as exercises and special equipment. Physical therapy is also helpful in treating many diseases and disabilities.

A physical therapist might also work with stroke victims, people with birth defects, and any number of other people who need help improving their mobility and strengthening their bodies. These are well paying jobs; the median salary for a physical therapist in the United States is approximately $69,000 a year. Physical therapist training programs are available at many different learning institutions. Most of your universities, colleges, and schools that have medical programs offer education in physical therapy training. If you have a college close to you that is known for its medical program, then most likely there is a physical therapist program. Many trade and technical schools offer comprehensive physical trainer programs. Depending on how long you expect to take and how much you can afford will determine the school of your choice. 
A Doctor of Physical Therapy program which is 3 years will cost an average of about $18,000 per year. In this case, you will most likely need to look into student loans. However, the cost can be less expensive at a smaller technical school.  Keep in mind though that comprehensive programs that are smaller will most likely translate into lower salaries. There are different degrees of specialties that you can concentrate on as a physical therapist. The pay depends largely on how much and what kind of training you receive.

All schools are not made alike so receiving your degree from a high regarding school with a long history of awarding physical therapy degrees is much more preferable to receiving it than from a lesser known program. Receiving a comprehensive education in physical therapy – a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree – is not acceptable to do through the Internet.
If you’re looking for a less intensive, less expensive option, consider training to become a physical therapy assistant. You can avoid having to go through two and half to three years of school. Remember that programs in physical therapy require paying for books and other course materials. By receiving your full degree in physical therapy and commencing on this career path, you will begin to enjoy one of the most rewarding medical careers. Physical therapists form strong relationships with their patients. If you are a “people person” then this career is for you. Remember that most hospitals and clinics require a background check for any potential physical therapist candidate or position. Even though there is a lot of hard work involved in receiving an education in physical therapy, the benefits of working in this industry are enormous and very rewarding.

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